Title - Scottie's Baby Pictures page 1

A nest of very young chicks and eggs

There are three very young chicks in this picture, and the eldest and biggest is Scottie Pine -- marked by arrows. --

The right arrow points to his body, and the left to his head -- the chicks do like to get into a scrum, and it is hard to sort out who owns which body parts!

Budgies lay an egg ever other day, and the chicks hatch about two days apart. Scottie is two days older than his brother, who in turn is four days older than the very tiny and new chick you can see; (the egg inbetween failed). Young chicks like these cannot hold up their heads. Note the amazing growth rate! and the cute little arms which will become wings.

The same nest a week or so later

Again, the arrow points to Scottie, who, in his third week of life, is becoming recognizable -- and much prettier! His head is turned to his left, and his right wing is stretched out over his tiny sister who has her back to the camera.

You can see the open eyes of both older chicks.

  © Helen Day, first published 2003.

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