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Fifteen Years!
Scottie Pine's Baby Pictures
Nest photographs of the budgie on the homepage of this site.
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"In 1986 I bought a green and yellow budgie. Never did I dream that we would share 15 wonderful years with him."

A Great Little Talker
"Sunny bird says 'Hi, how are you?' Did I tell you that he already says, 'Birds can't talk' and 'Whatcha doing?'"

Passion and Violence
"As for Blackberry, well he fell in love with his mother and sisters - - and they all thought he was the bee's knees! -- An obvious recipe for TROUBLE! ..."

Sequel to Passion and Violence
"I 'lit the blue touchpaper' and stood back --- and --- -- they were both totally delighted to be together again! They performed a lovely, mutual greeting ceremony which went on and on."

"I once had a budgie called Noddy who was very comical. He was quite a character and I don't imagine I'll have another budgie quite like him! ..."

Budgie TLC
" ..life has come full circle: once Basil gave patient tenderness and care to his handicapped mate; now he receives the same from a bird a fraction of his age. One shouldn't underestimate budgies! ..."

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