Title - Practical Pet Pages


This is a list of all the practical pages useful to a pet owner. The ones at the top are marked  PetStarter  and these are especially for those new to budgies.

I will be adding to the PetStarter Series little by little, as time permits. It is by no means complete yet, so if you can't find the information you need, email me and ask. It is through your emails that I discover what information my visitors require.

Don't forget, there are also true budgie stories on this site, and you may find these helpful in finding out what budgies are like to live with.

A Budgie For Me?    PetStarter

Cages Part 1: Cage Dangers!     PetStarter
Cages Part 2: General Recommendations     PetStarter

How To Tell The Sex Of A Baby Budgie     PetStarter

Should My Pet Budgies Nest?  

Care Of The Ageing Budgie (Longevity Series)

Budgies, Bliss and Seeding Grass

Birdseed: Easy Quality Checks

Which Sex Is My Adult Budgie?
Also covers health worries to do with ceres

Wing Clipping:
Why your pet budgie/ parakeet should not be clipped

How To Find A Bird Vet

Cobber Budgies Home

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