Title - Selected, Quality Links
Budgie's Homeland at Birds Online Fresh, new photographs of wild budgies in the Australian Bush.
A Tale of Two Cockies The delightful story of cockatoos living very interesting lives -- five pages now, full of beautiful photo's. The story has been published as a children's book, which you can order.
The Complete Lexicon of Parrots

The Complete Lexicon of Parrots - Budgerigar Page

Excellent, online reference book, plus news concerning parrot species.

Beautiful photo of a male, wild budgerigar, with comprehensive notes.

The Parrot Society of Australia Inc. Mini Aussie Megastars page Exceptional account of the budgerigars' difficulties in its harsh, natural environment. This is a top parrots site.
Listening Earth

Listening Earth Wild Budgerigar Sound Sample!

At Listening Earth you can buy Australian natural sounds CD's including 'Happy Budgies' from which this sound sample comes, and browse wonderful photographs too.
Allendoo Pheasantry A high quality site presented by Breeders of rare and ornamental pheasants in Southwest Scotland, UK.

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