Title - Helen's Club Dream !!
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If you have read The Ever Changing Budgerigar you will understand why am I am keen to link up with other breeders. In fact, I now find it nearly impossible to buy sound stock birds of the smaller, more natural kind, and it would help me tremendously to link up with others who love these birds. We could then exchange birds on a regular basis, thus keeping the gene pool stirred up while avoiding the pitfalls of buying from strangers and pet shops. No longer would purchases end in heartache and vets visits. - And it would be so good to just talk budgies! Non-exhibitors need each other, for access to reliably sound stock, and for moral support and friendship. The new club would be relevant to a cross section of breeders and aviary owners who want something more natural than the current exhibition bird.

As membership grew, we could work together to rescue the smaller bird from decline. We could even create a National register of all our wild-type budgerigars, and use this as a tool in the fight to save them from the brink of extinction. The rare colour varieties would be another interesting challenge for the group to take on in a spirit of cooperation, and there would be plenty of other challenges besides these. We could - must - help one another to achieve best practice in all aspects of husbandry, so that our birds could live the longest and most enjoyable lives possible. - Dumping of older birds onto the trade would be totally against our philosophy. As the saying goes: "A budgie is for LIFE, not just for reproduction!" We would pledge ourselves to avoid both overcrowding and inbreeding.

Do I see this association running its own shows for the smaller types of budgie? - NO! - That would only serve to start the whole process of the destruction of the species all over again. Exhibition breeding of livestock is inevitably destructive, because there is no challenge unless you are striving for the unnatural: that which Nature does not willingly produce. It is true that people need challenge from their hobby, but challenges of every hue - in glorious technicolour; - challenges of every conceivable shape and size and flavour are there for you, without even sparing a glance for the old showing game!! Personally I've chosen to try and breed for natural form and longevity, and to fully understand budgerigar behaviour, and I'm pretty much submerged under those challenges! I'm not in danger of becoming bored!

The very first stage in the formation of this club or association will be discussion, thorough-going discussion of every aspect of the subject. Everyone involved will need to commit a fair amount of time to this talking and listening process.

Eventually, a level of understanding and agreement would be reached, that would allow us to put together an agenda for our very first meeting, for which we would most certainly need to switch off our computers and physically meet up in the real world. I believe it would be ideal to appoint a Patron and a Veterinary Advisor at this stage, to help us make headway.

There would, no doubt, be many possible names for this new organization, but 'The Budgerigar Guardians' would seem to me to be about right. The group would adopt a policy of NOT opposing the Budgerigar Society, but instead would pursue its own positive policies.

Budgies are great; let's give them a great future.

Are you interested in helping to found 'The Budgerigar Guardians' (or whatever it may come to be called)? Do you live in the UK or Ireland; are you over 16? If your answers are "yes", and you have the necessary time and staying power for involvement in the preliminary stages, please email me
I look forward to your input and constructive discussion, and to making your acquaintance.

Helen Day, 2003.

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